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Agency Suite™ is a complete set of customizable tools to increase productivity three-fold.  It is a comprehensive utility that will keep your business running smooth and efficiently, streamlining some of your most time-consuming processes.

Agency Suite was built from the ground up from within the industry.  Our application has seen amazing success in our partnership and development with a highly successful talent agency based in Richmond, VA. as well as agencies in Chicago, IL, Maryland, Ohio, and North Dakota.

A designated Admin has complete control over the application and can customize the utility to contain agency branding, color schemes, backgrounds, and even create fields and lists and even custom media folders relevant to your agency and what your clients want to see.

Agency Suite isn't just software—it's an essential utility for modeling agencies and casting services. Priced at $300 a month, it's a wise investment that streamlines operations, much like internet or electricity. Agency Suite maximizes efficiency, saving time and resources. Invest in Agency Suite today for your talent management and scheduling, and let us help you increase your agency's productivity.

What It Is
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Agency Suite is



Agency Suite™ manifested in 2008, from a desire to take a very successful talent agency to a new level with the creation of an online database. Through this working relationship, features were imagined and added in real-time, ultimately creating a suite of utilities to help manage the day to day agency operations. Submitting talent was simplified and allowed multiple bookers to  take calls and send packages online, from anywhere with an internet connection. Within two busy years of development, we had a very stable and useful tool, which we decided to deem a utility that bore the same importance as your other utilities; internet, phones, electricity…

Agency Suite became an LLC in 2010 and from there, we became available to compete in the fledgling market for talent management software.


In this industry, a Talent Management System is an absolute MUST HAVE!  All major agencies have one and you have probably even attempted to create one of your own, in an effort to keep up and maintain a competitive edge.  

Here, we like to refer to Agency Suite™ as a utility because it should be in the same category as your rent/mortgage/water and other necessary bills.  On top of that, you shouldn’t have to pay an unreasonable amount to have it. 

It is for this reason our application was born as a simple database in 2004 and why we have spent every year since then, growing it into what you get today.


Simple and easy to use yet powered by an informative dashboard and extensive range of features, Agency Suite is a platform that is constantly improving and evolving. We frequently reach out directly to clients to find out how the experience can be improved and our development team is on call at all times and able to respond to urgent issues and even custom feature requests.

We know all too well how painful data loss can be and how critical talent media and information is to an agency. Redundancy and automated backups ensure your data stays safe and secure. All Agency Suite data is backed up to cloud storage on a nightly basis, as well as offline, to ensure it remains safe, even in case of disaster.






Our One Month FREE Trial Includes:

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Full Technical Support

Total Application Access*

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By submitting this form, you agree to be added to our Agency Suite mailing list for future company correspondence. 

We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party.  Agency Suite will send you emails relating to the application you are trying out, as well as marketing offers from time to time. You may opt out of receiving future mailings from our mailing list via the opt-out link included in each email.

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